Meet The Founder

Meet the Founder



started out as a salon owner who went on to create her own line of beauty products. She has been teaching the art of threading to other beauty professionals for years and has brought her skills and innovation to the Threadology Method. Her obsession for eyebrow artistry has took her on a quest in search of the best eyebrow beauty techniques that she could adopt and develop further. Threadology speaks to the fine art, subtle science, and enduring history of this unique and elegant personal care concept. 

Maysoon holds to a simple philosophy: that everybody has the right to feel beautiful. She regards all forms of personal grooming to be a way to help people have a heightened sense of empowerment and self-esteem.  Maysoon’s now uses her elite skills in the beauty industry to coach beauty professionals to become business owners by creating a worker-owned business model. She believes in conscience capitalism and combining profit + purpose.

 Her combined experience and passion gives her insight in understanding what the client wants and delivers it with style. This marketing beauty-centric maven has plans to take the industry by storm and revolutionize the world of  eyebrows. She currently works as a freelance brand and marketing consultant with an emphasis on start-ups. 




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