Friday, April 24, 2015

Changing The World of Threading, One Beauty Supply Store At A Time!

Changing the world of threading, one (1)


Something so simple, and so natural, threading shouldn’t be so hard to find. In this ever evolving (almost exploding) beauty industry, we can still amaze people what a piece of thread can do when it comes to embarrassing upper lip hair or unruly eyebrows, even with all the new beauty techniques and products coming out that aims to tackle hair removal. Nothing can beat threading when it comes to facial hair removal (but in the case of body hair removal, sugaring is still on the top of our list)!

That’s why we are partnering up with fabulous beauty supply stores and beauty salons across California to bring you threading and in select locations …sugaring!


We are so happy to partner up with two local family owned businesses in San Diego, California: Empire Beauty Supply and Brazilia Skin Care. Every day we witness the ease and relief on customers faces who can get immediate assistance with their beauty related concerns and questions by walking into Empire Beauty Supply stores rather then going online and having to read through all the reviews just to receive some kind of idea of whether the product really works or not.   By walking into a beauty supply store you get the most awesome deals and samples you can take home and try before committing to a certain product. Check out for coupons and deals you can receive at anyone of their 19 locations!

Convenience, affordability (unlimited threading membership packages) and the privacy mall kiosks cannot give you. Our Threadologists are also brow experts and offer complimentary eyebrow makeup application to teach you how to maintain that perfect eyebrow shape we just gave you.

 Were not being cute when we promise to wow you….we really bring that wow factor and have you literally saying wow at the end of the service!



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