Once upon a time…

An unknown genius decided to take a piece of thread to tame his or her hairy situation. This ancient and now hot art is slowly saving the masses from skin stripping wax and paving the way for brow definition never seen before!

There are many creative ways to hold a thread and different regions in the Middle East as well as Asia promote different methods. Some claim one offers more precision and sanitation than others. We are here to clear the confusion: Only the string touches your skin, in all methods! 




Sure, there are places you can go for eyebrow threading these days (it’s not exactly the best kept secret anymore) but standards and refinement of the threading industry are important. We want you to not only experience threading, we want you to experience Threadology.

We put our Threadologists through extensive training to ensure that every client receives the same high level of quality that leaves you not only satisfied, but “wowed” by the results. We exclusively use and strictly adhere to the techniques of the Threadology method as well as the eyebrow sculpting method developed by Maysoon Salah

The Threadology Difference

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