Sunday, May 10, 2015

Learn to Tweeze Like a Pro!



If you must touch up your eyebrows in between your threading services or just have a habit of pulling out a tweezer at a stop light while driving (yes I know women who do this). Here is good guideline on how to shop for a good pair of tweezers when it comes to hair removal and not splinters.




In my opinion slanted tweezers were designed for you to purposely pinch your skin and the break the hair rather then pulling it from the root to give you ingrowns. Stay away from these non-effective hair removal devices. They are bulky, go dull fast and generally useless unless you are plucking coarse chin or beard hair. They also accumulate gross dead skin and hair on the edges that can buildup. Also use alcohol to disinfect the tweezer before and after.

To tweeze like a pro find yourself a pointed edge tweezer that will force you to really focus on the process of plucking each hair carefully from the root like you should to minimize ingrowns and removing extra hair you needed on your eyebrows (when it comes to eyebrow shaping, every single hair counts).

So take your time, find yourself a mean precision tool to help you either achieve or maintain that perfect eyebrow shape.

P.S I know nothing beats outdoor light to see all the hair we wish didn’t exist on our face but please do not do this while driving or in public. It’s not attractive and dangerous.

P.SS Do not pull at the hair from the tip of it unless it’s an ingrown you are slowly pulling out. Once you feel you have a good hold on the hair then pull. Not plucking correctly defeats the purpose when you end up with unsightly ingrowns, especially in the eyebrow area.









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