Ancient, simple and smooth your skin will thank you! Our sugaring service is made from organic and natural goodness that doesn’t stick, burn, rip, tear, or break skin or hair- yet pulls it from the root which leads to permanent hair reduction over continued use. Therefore, making it a safe and gentle alternative to waxing- less pain, no raw discomfort or irritation afterwards.

Bees, plastic and wasteful byproducts (petroleum) are not involved, only the sweetness of sugar, lemon
and water.   

We apply it with spatula and/or roll it on for larger surfaces.

Hair removal lasts up to 3-5 weeks depending on the hair growth of the individual. You should still exfoliate daily to prevent ingrowns (dry brushing is good for you) but is generally less likely to occur in comparison to waxing. It is also recommended to refrain from sweating, saunas, hot tubs and sex (bikini area)
for 24 hours.

Sugaring can remove all types of hair and is perfect for men who can’t handle the pain (big babies ;-)). It will leave your skin naturally moisturized and hair free. What’s not to love ?

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