Sunday, May 10, 2015

Learn to Tweeze Like a Pro!



If you must touch up your eyebrows in between your threading services or just have a habit of pulling out a tweezer at a stop light while driving (yes I know women who do this). Here is good guideline on how to shop for a good pair of tweezers when it comes to hair removal and not splinters.




In my opinion slanted tweezers were designed for you to purposely pinch your skin and the break the hair rather then pulling it from the root to give you ingrowns. Stay away from these non-effective hair removal devices. They are bulky, go dull fast and generally useless unless you are plucking coarse chin or beard hair. They also accumulate gross dead skin and hair on the edges that can buildup. Also use alcohol to disinfect the tweezer before and after.

To tweeze like a pro find yourself a pointed edge tweezer that will force you to really focus on the process of plucking each hair carefully from the root like you should to minimize ingrowns and removing extra hair you needed on your eyebrows (when it comes to eyebrow shaping, every single hair counts).

So take your time, find yourself a mean precision tool to help you either achieve or maintain that perfect eyebrow shape.

P.S I know nothing beats outdoor light to see all the hair we wish didn’t exist on our face but please do not do this while driving or in public. It’s not attractive and dangerous.

P.SS Do not pull at the hair from the tip of it unless it’s an ingrown you are slowly pulling out. Once you feel you have a good hold on the hair then pull. Not plucking correctly defeats the purpose when you end up with unsightly ingrowns, especially in the eyebrow area.









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Friday, April 24, 2015

Show Us Love on Yelp or Google+!





Review us on Yelp or Google + and show us your review on your next visit to receive $3 off ! 

Valid one per client and promotions cannot be combined. Happy Threading! 



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Changing The World of Threading, One Beauty Supply Store At A Time!

Changing the world of threading, one (1)


Something so simple, and so natural, threading shouldn’t be so hard to find. In this ever evolving (almost exploding) beauty industry, we can still amaze people what a piece of thread can do when it comes to embarrassing upper lip hair or unruly eyebrows, even with all the new beauty techniques and products coming out that aims to tackle hair removal. Nothing can beat threading when it comes to facial hair removal (but in the case of body hair removal, sugaring is still on the top of our list)!

That’s why we are partnering up with fabulous beauty supply stores and beauty salons across California to bring you threading and in select locations …sugaring!


We are so happy to partner up with two local family owned businesses in San Diego, California: Empire Beauty Supply and Brazilia Skin Care. Every day we witness the ease and relief on customers faces who can get immediate assistance with their beauty related concerns and questions by walking into Empire Beauty Supply stores rather then going online and having to read through all the reviews just to receive some kind of idea of whether the product really works or not.   By walking into a beauty supply store you get the most awesome deals and samples you can take home and try before committing to a certain product. Check out for coupons and deals you can receive at anyone of their 19 locations!

Convenience, affordability (unlimited threading membership packages) and the privacy mall kiosks cannot give you. Our Threadologists are also brow experts and offer complimentary eyebrow makeup application to teach you how to maintain that perfect eyebrow shape we just gave you.

 Were not being cute when we promise to wow you….we really bring that wow factor and have you literally saying wow at the end of the service!



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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Beauty Of Eyebrow Threading


Eyebrow threading is one of the oldest and most precise methods of defining your eyebrows and bestowing upon to them. Our 100% Egyptian cotton thread is used for removing the hair precisely and quickly from the hair follicles. Each hair is pulled out from its root leaving your eyebrows polished and on point.

There are other hair removal techniques that including waxing or sugaring, but each of these methods come with their share of cons when it comes to eyebrows. Let’s take a look at why threading your eyebrows is the right technique for you.

Save and Spare Your Beautiful Skin and Eyebrows From …

Getting burned, an infection and unnecessary red blotches that can last up to 30 minutes or more for it to cool down. With threading there is none of that, (unless you go to a threading salon who uses polyester thread instead of cotton…beware of thread burn) you can be in and out in less then 15 minutes with no evidence of getting anything done!

Angles & Accuracy..

Eyebrow threading gives you that clean, straight look that no glob or spread of wax or sugar for that matter can give you like that thin line of glorious thread can. A professional threader can also use her thread on single hairs like a tweezer. It has the power of tweezing and waxing combined! The shape created by the cotton thread positioned at the right place results in an accurate shape with straighter, cleaner and well-defined lines. You can never get this accuracy with waxing or sugaring.

No Hyperpigmentation!

Eyebrow threading is a perfectly safe hair removal technique and only option besides tweezing for people with sensitive skin. Waxing and sugaring tends to irritate the thin and sensitive skin around your eyes. Moreover, waxing tends to loosen the skin and results in sagging and wrinkling of the skin with time. None of these problems are experienced with threading.

In addition to that, threading poses no harm to your skin like waxing does. The thread has hardly any contact with your skin, which is why it does not harm or induces hyperpigmentation like waxing can. (It does however do a great job at exfoliating the dead skin in a full face threading service in addition to removing the hair from the root). Especially in areas that are constantly sunny and beautiful like San Diego.


Did we mention how affordable eyebrow threading is compared to the other hair removal methods? The average price for eyebrow threading is $12 while eyebrow waxing ranges anywhere from $18-$20. Not to mention the increased waste and byproducts involved in getting waxed versus threaded. There is something truly beautiful about simplicity when it comes to beauty treatments and mother nature.


To experience the benefits of threading, please visit our expert Threadologists at any one of our locations. And to enjoy unlimited eyebrow threading (only $28 a month) at any one of our locations in San Diego please visit


Happy Threading!

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

People Try Eyebrow Threading For The First Time!

WE absolutely love this video made by Buzzfeed about people trying eyebrow threading for the first time!

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